The spread of coronavirus means that hair salons all over the world have had to close their doors. It’s bad news for both business owners and customers and those in quarantine must work out how to look after their hair without help from professionals.

But just because your favorite hair salons are closed right now, it doesn’t mean you have to rock a horrible hair-do. Take matters into your own hands with our handy hair tips.

Cutting Your Hair at Home

We must be honest – if you’re in need of a haircut it’s best to wait it out and save it for the pros. In the meantime, the best you can do is focus on looking after your locks at home. That way it will be healthy when you do have the chance to go to the salon again.

With plenty of time spent at home, focus on moisturizing and conditioning your hair for super-smooth and healthy hair. To get your hair in prime form, incorporate a leave-in conditioner to your usual beauty routine. It will keep your hair nourished and moisturized and will also prevent split ends from forming so you can go longer without getting a trim.

Apply your leave-in conditioner to towel-dried hair and let the formula work its magic.

If you must attempt to cut your hair, only groom or touch up your current look. Wait to meet your stylist if you want a new shape and don’t attempt a new cut or style on your own. Too much could go wrong, and you don’t want to be left staring at a wonky haircut every day while you’re stuck in quarantine.

Trimming Short Hair

If you have a short hairstyle and require more frequent trims, then we understand your pain. You can clean up your cut at the comfort of home, but approach with caution

If you want to trim or cut your hair at home, one of our haircut tips is to opt for small shears. That way you can control how much hair is cut off. When taking the plunge, place the shears at an angle and gently ‘chip’ at the ends.

Remember, less is more. You can always go back and trim a little more hair off, but you can’t get back the hair you’ve already chopped off.

Trimming Bangs

If you have bangs, we understand that they can grow too long, and you need to be able to see. But as always, if you’re cutting your own bangs, use caution. As your fringe is at the front it’s the most visible, so it’s easy to tell if you’ve made a mess of the job.

We recommend clipping into the bangs while they’re dry. This is because hair shrinks from wet to dry, so you could end up chopping off more than you’d like.

Coloring Hair at Home

Stuck with unsightly roots? If you’ve never dyed your own hair at home, now isn’t the time to experiment. Professional hairstylists will agree that dyeing your own hair at home not only risks unattractive results but could damage the hair.

That’s because inexpensive at-home dyes and salon formulas are so different. Box dyes usually have fewer conditioning agents than professional options, leaving the hair feeling brittle and damaged.

If your hair dyeing goes wrong, you’ll usually need more than one appointment to fix it. These are appointments you can’t get right now, so you could be stuck with an unsightly hairdo for a very long time indeed. Plus, such appointments can be costly too.

But don’t worry – we have some tips to help your hair color through the coronavirus pandemic.

Wash Less

It’s simple – the more you wash your hair, the more your color will fade. Reduce your hair washes, ideally shampooing a maximum of two to three times a week. You should also always use a shampoo and conditioner that’s designed for color-treated tresses.

The good news is that since we’re spending so much time indoors, there’s nobody we really need to impress. Plus, who needs an excuse not to wash their hair?

If you’re really worried, consider wearing a scarf or hat over your hair if you’re out walking in direct sunlight. This helps keep fading to a minimum.

Deep Condition

Take advantage of the extra time at home and treat your locks to a deep conditioner or hair mask. Only have a regular conditioner to hand? Then use that.

Apply your treatment to damp hair and let it soak for a minimum of 20 minutes. Regular use will halt color fading, reduce breakage, and boost the elasticity of your hair. It’s a win-win situation!

Try a Root Touch up Product

If you can’t stand to see the sight of your roots for a minute longer, consider a root touch up product. These products are temporary and are great options for covering fading hair color or roots.

Look for brands such as Oribe and L’Oreal. They offer products that rinse out and won’t create issues with any future dyes. You’ll discover that there’s a selection of shades available that are suitable for all hair textures.

Keep Calm With Our Coronavirus Hair Tips

Before we know it, the coronavirus pandemic will be all over, and we can head back to our favorite salons to have our locks beautifully cut and styled as we like. But for now, we hope our hair tips can help you manage your tresses while in quarantine.

When we’re open again here at Kate Avalon, feel free to pop in if you’re looking for hair color and haircuts Medicine Hat. We’re a day spa and salon and we strive to offer our customers the best quality services from haircuts and coloring to manicures and massages. Learn more about us here.